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Flute and Guitar Duo


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Flute & Guitar Duo

Acoustic Echoes offers a solo singer-guitarist act as well as a flute and guitar duo.

For my solo singer-guitarist act, I sing and play acoustic guitar through a discrete but high-quality sound system, playing a crowd-pleasing mix of classic pop and soft rock songs and instrumentals, weaving a rich, mellow acoustic sound, careful to tailor my volume for the comfort of the guests. On suitable songs, I incorporate loop and octave pedals, enabling me to capture chord sequences live and then add lead and bass parts to the arrangements.

I always dress business-casual, suitable for weddings and corporate events, and my setup includes color-changing ambient lighting which adds visually to the performance.

For a classy instrumental sound, I can also offer the Acoustic Echoes Flute and Guitar Duo, which features classically trained flutist Stephanie Pack, and offers a set list rich with pop, classical, jazz, and Latin influences. The duo is especially ideal for wedding ceremonies, when you want that special piece of music for the processional, candle lighting, or recessional. While we often play through our quality sound system, the natural balance between flute and acoustic guitar means we can also offer a beautiful unamplified sound for the more boutique venues or private dining situations.

Colin Barley